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10 Years in Tech: Insights w/ Mellie Price

(Cap Factory Co-founder & Dell Med Exec.)

Brett Hurt is a serial entrepreneur who is best known for founding Bazaarvoice (NASDAQ: BV) and serving as CEO and President for 7½ years, leading the company from a bootstrapped concept through its successful IPO. He is now co-founder and CEO of data.world, which is building the most meaningful, collaborative, and abundant data resource in the world as a Certified B Corp.

Prior to Bazaarvoice, Brett founded Coremetrics and helped grow the company into a global, leading marketing analytics solution for the eCommerce industry before its acquisition by IBM for around $300m.

He is also a seed-stage investor at Hurt Family Investments (HFI) in partnership with his wife, Debra.  HFI are involved in 53 startups and 12 VC funds.  HFI has directly made 42 startup investments, and Brett has also joined the Advisory Board of 11 additional companies.

In his talk, Brett will share his story of starting his first company and taking the lessons he learned to build Bazaarvoice and leading the company to its IPO. He will discuss the strategic mindset, the role of technology, and his perspective on data and innovation that enabled him to build the successful businesses he envisioned. Lastly, he will discuss why he started data.world, his first B Corporation, and why he believes this is the most important and biggest venture he’s ever been apart of.

The keynote will be followed by a Q&A led by Shehzad Bharwaniand Adnan Merchant with the opportunity for audience questions.

Meetup Details: 

When: Tuesday 10/3/2017 | 5:45pm – 8:30pm

Where: Capital Factory, 701 Brazos St, 1st Floor

Who: Brett Hurt

Meetup Agenda: 

5:45PM – Networking and refreshments

6:30PM – Brett keynote

6:50PM – Q&A and Discussion

7:20PM –  Networking